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Relativity Seminar

usually takes place the first Thursday of each month at 13.30 IM, rear building, ground floor – please check the current calendar
Chair: Marcello Ortaggio. Deputy chair: Vojtěch Pravda
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Generalized Lense-Thirring spacetimes: higher curvature corrections and solutions with matter

David Kubizňák
Thursday, 3. March 2022 - 13:30 to 14:30
Institute of Mathematics of ASCR, Zitna  25, Praha 1
rear building, ground floor
The Lense-Thirring spacetime describes a 4-dimensional slowly rotating approximate
solution of vacuum Einstein equations valid to a linear order in rotation parameter.
It is fully characterized by a single metric function of the corresponding static
(Schwarzschild) solution. We shall discuss a generalization of the Lense-Thirring
spacetimes to the case that is not necessarily fully characterized by a single (static)
metric function. This generalization lets us study slowly rotating spacetimes in
various higher curvature gravities as well as in the presence of non-trivial matter
such as non-linear electrodynamics.  In particular, we construct slowly multiply-spinning
solutions in Lovelock gravity and notably show that in four dimensions Einstein gravity is
the only non-trivial theory amongst all up to quartic curvature gravities that
admits a Lense-Thirring solution characterized by a single metric function.
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