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Cohomology in algebra, geometry, physicsand statistics

Jordan algebras, coadjoint orbits, and information geometry

Speaker’s name: 
Florio Ciaglia
Speaker’s affiliation: 
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid,


ZOOM meeting
Wednesday, 14. December 2022 - 13:30 to 14:30
The purpose of this talk is to present a connection between the mathematical entities mentioned in the title. It will be argued that Jordan algebras provide a suitable playground in which parametric models of classical and quantum information geometry can joyfully play (and hopefully thrive). In order to recover the Riemannian geometry of parametric models extensively used in classical and quantum information geometry, the method of coadjoint orbits will be adapted to Jordan algebras. Indeed, given the symmetric nature of the Jordan product, the analogue of the Konstant-Kirillov-Souriau symplectic form becomes a symmetric covariant tensor field. When suitable choices of Jordan algebras are made, it is possible to recover the Fisher-Rao metric tensor characteristic of classical information geometry or the Bures-Helstrom metric tensor appearing in quantum information geometry. This instance tells us that geometrical structures in information geometry can be found looking at algebraic structures associated with Jordan algebras. The discussion will focus only on the finite-dimensional case, but questions and comments on the possibility of extending the results in infinite dimensions are welcome. 
We shall open the ZOOM at 13.15 for virtual coffee and close at 15:00