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Cohomology in algebra, geometry, physicsand statistics

On some diffeologies on spaces of probabilities, spaces of measures, and spaces of means

Speaker’s name: 
Jean-Pierre Magnot
Speaker’s affiliation: 
University d'Angers, France


ZOOM meeting,
Wednesday, 26. October 2022 - 13:30 to 14:30
Passing from probabilities to finite measures, from finite measures to measures, and from measures to infinite dimensional integrals,we develop examples of diffeologies on each of these classes of spaces, partially from works of the author, and partially from other approaches in the existing literature. The highlighted spaces include finite and infinite configurations, Monte-carlo sequences, Radon measures, Haar and Lebesgue integrals in the space of connections, and an infinite dimensional Lebesgue mean. The highlighted diffeologies include functional diffeology, vague diffeology, the Cauchy diffeology and pro-finite diffeologies. The exposition intends to give a rigorous differential geometric setting for  some actual differential geometry related to probability and integration theory.
We shall open the ZOOM  at 13.15  for  virtual coffee  and close at 15:00
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