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Logic seminar

Proof complexity of CSP on algebras with linear congruence, Part 2

Azza Gaysin
Charles University


Monday, 11. April 2022 - 16:00 to 17:30
Online - - contact before the meeting to join
CSP (constraint satisfaction problems) is a class of problems deciding whether there exists a homomorphism from an instance relational structure to a target one. The CSP dichotomy is a profound result recently proved by Zhuk (2020, J. ACM, 67) and Bulatov (2017, FOCS, 58). It says that for each fixed target structure, CSP is either NP-complete or p-time. Zhuk's algorithm for the p-time case of the problem eventually leads to algebras with linear congruence.

We show that Zhuk's algorithm for algebras with linear congruence can be formalized in the theory V^1. Thus, using known methods of proof complexity, Zhuk's algorithm for negative instances of the problem can be augmented by extra information: it not only rejects X that cannot be homomorphically mapped into A but produces a certificate - a short extended Frege (EF) propositional proof - that this rejection is correct.