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Current Problems in Numerical Analysis

Our long-term collaboration with Dr. Ivan Hlavacek

Jaroslav Haslinger, Michal Křížek, Jan Chleboun, Petr Salač
Charles University, Institute of Mathematics CAS, Czech Technical University, Technical University of Liberec


Friday, 23. November 2018 - 9:00 to 11:45

in IM, rear building, "blue" lecture room

   On July 22, 2018, an outstanding Czech applied mathematician and numerical analyst, Dr. Ivan Hlaváček, passed away. He enrolled in the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague in 1951, and completed his engineering degree there in 1956. After defending his thesis in 1960, he worked as Assistant Professor at the faculty till 1963. Then he joined the Mathematical Institute of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, namely the Department of Constructive Methods of Mathematical Analysis headed by Ivo Babuška.

   Since the beginning of his scientific career, Ivan Hlaváček focused on the existence and uniqueness of solutions to various mathematical problems stemming from or related to linear and nonlinear differential equations originating in mechanics and engineering sciences. He quickly discovered the potential of variational principles in this area and significantly contributed to both theoretical foundations (let us recall Korn’s type inequalities) as well as particular applications. In 1967, he and Jindřich Nečas established the seminar on problems of continuum mechanics that has been regularly held since that year at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University in Prague, and bears Nečas’s name now to honor the expert in partial differential equations.

   The seminar will be dedicated to his fruitful cooperation with Jaroslav Haslinger, Michal Křížek, Jan Cheboun, and Petr Salač. Ivan Hlaváček collaborated with Jaroslav Haslinger in variational inequalities and optimal shape design. With Michal Křížek he wrote more than a dozen papers on superconvergence phenomena and nonlinear heat conduction problem. Ivan Hlaváček published with Jan Chleboun and Ivo Babuška a monograph on the Worst Scenario Method. Finally, Petr Salač will introduce his Ph.D. Thesis headed by Ivan Hlaváček.