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Seminar on partial differential equations

Influence of rheological parameters on generalized Oldroyd-B fluid flow through curved pipes

Marília Pires
Institute of Mathematics, CAS


Tuesday, 10. December 2019 - 9:00 to 10:00

in IM, rear building, ground floor

Flows in curved pipes are very challenging and considerably more complex than flows in straight pipes. Due to fluid inertia, a secondary motion appears in addition to the primary axial flow. It is induced by an imbalance between the cross stream pressure gradient and the centrifugal force and consists of a pair of counter-rotating vortices, which appear even for the most mildly curved pipe.

Parallel to the pipe curvature ratio, the rheological parameters of the fluid have a considerable influence on the flow behavior. In this work, numerical simulations obtained by finite elements method, involving steady, incompressible, creeping and inertial flows of the generalized Oldroyd-B fluid  through curved pipes are presented. The behavior of the solutions is discussed with respect to different rheologic and geometric flow parameters.