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Seminar on partial differential equations

On the incompressible limit for some tissue growth models

Tomasz Debiec
University of Warsaw


Tuesday, 13. December 2022 - 9:00 to 10:00

in IM, rear building, ground floor and on Zoom:
Meeting ID:    965 4013 3449
Passcode:    285715

I will discuss some approaches to mathematical modelling of living tissues, with application to tumour growth. In particular, I will describe recent results on to the incompressible limit of a compressible model, which builds a bridge between density-based description and a geometric free-boundary problem by passing to the singular limit in the pressure law.

The talk is divided in two parts. First, I discuss the rate of convergence of solutions of a general class of nonlinear diffusion equations of porous medium type to solutions of a Hele-Shaw-type problem. Then, I shall present a two-species tissue growth model — the main novelty here is the coupling of both species through the so-called Brinkman law which is typically used in the context of visco-elastic media, where the velocity field is linked to the total population pressure via an elliptic equation.