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Conferences and workshops

Mathematical Fluid Mechanics In 2022

22/08/2022 to 26/08/2022
Organizers: T. Bodnár, G.P. Galdi, O. Kreml, V. Mácha, Š.Nečasová
Place: Mathematical Institute CAS, Žitná 25, Prague 1, Czech republic
Aim of the conference is to bring together renowned specialists in the analytical and numerical fields of mathematical fluid mechanics. Invited talks will cover results and open questions in the dynamics of fluids, including fluid-solid interaction and rheological effects, in the incompressible, compressible, and inviscid cases. Furthermore, topics closely related to practical applications will be considered, like modeling of turbulence, stratified fluids flows and some related homogenization questions. Numerical theory and simulations regarding the above problems will also be a core theme.

16th Internationl Workshop on Discrete Event Systems

07/09/2022 to 09/09/2022
Place: CIIRC, Prague, Czechia
The Workshop Series on Discrete Event Systems started in 1992 in Prague and since then has been held every two years. It aims to provide researchers from different fields (control theoreticians and control engineers, software engineers and computer scientists, operations research specialists) with an opportunity to exchange information and new ideas, and to discuss new developments in the field of DES theory and application.